Giga Solar’s  non-glass  and  frameless  design  allows  for  significant  weight  savings  while  still  maintaining  strength  and  durability

Conventional  Glass

18 – 23 kg (40 – 51 lbs)

A  272 W  Module  Weighs:

Giga Solar 

8.0 kg (17.6 lbs)

The amount of power produced per kilogram of module weight

Thin Film – 7 W
Glass Modules – 17 W
Giga Solar Modules – 40 W
If your car had the same power to weight ratio as today’s glass PV modules, it would weigh 40,000lb!

Giga Solar modules and support structures lower the installed cost of residential systems

Why weight = $$$


Raw Materials

→ Factory

→ Shipping

→ Distribution

→ Installation Site  

We can fit 2x the amount of watts in each shipping container


Mounting Support Structure Weight and Complexity

Giga Solar modules can shave 15 tons off a 250 kWp rooftop system


During Production

During Installation (Safety and Time)

Our lightweight modules create a safer and more efficient work environment

Other Giga Solar frameless advantages

Aesthetically pleasing design

Reduced snow build up

Easy to clean, soils less    

Wide range of sizes

No fragile glass  

Safe for high salt environments